Research Department

1. Mandate

Research and Mages Information that Informs Planning and Business Development of ABM University College


2. Introduction and the Role of Research

ABM University College, in its pursuit for excellence continues to aim higher, as it strives towards its goal of not only becoming University of Choice, but also a Centre of Entrepreneurship and Leadership. However ABM University College will become University of Choice if it continues to provide quality education which is relevant to the needs of society and market of this country. Research plays a vital role in gathering data/information that will inform ABM University College of the changing needs of society and the market which is influenced by technological and socio-economic revolution. The research output(s) will inform and direct all the educational developments and innovations that will cope with demands of this rapid transformation to ensure that ABM University College continues to provide quality and relevant education.


3. Strategic Objectives for Research

The Strategic Objectives of the Research Department are:

  • To increase the volume and quality of the Institution’s research outputs
  • To monitor and assure the quality of research
  • To increase staff participation in research
  • To increase and enhance student research training
  • To improve the integration of research and curriculum development
  • To improve the integration of research and teaching
  • To Increase opportunities for local and international research funding
  • Increase opportunities for research collaboration with local and International universities, donors and development partner