Administration Department



The Administration Department’s main responsibility is to provide administrative support services to all departments in the main campus and other satellite campuses as well as to the student community. Specifically the department is mandated to do the following

  • Reviews, develops and maintain administrative policies and procedures including procurement, travel, asset disposal, records management, student accommodation, printing and photocopying, vehicle use to facilitate institutional objectives.
  • Coordinates infrastructure development
  • Effective coordination of Resident and Student accommodation.
  • Control the movement of assets within the University College and leads in the disposal of the same.
  • Coordinate contracts for renovation, maintenance and general upkeep of buildings and students residences.
  • Provides administrative support to other departments
  • Promote communication and sharing of information
  • Attends and contributes service to University  committees
  • Negotiates and maintains contracts  and agreements including long term contracts such as insurance, and lease agreements
  • Oversees security of assets including insurance and physical security of premises, vehicles, and office furniture and equipment..
  • Monitors procurement  activities and ensures compliance with set policy and procedures; reception of merchandise, inventories and sale of assets;