Abm | Student Health & Welfare Unit
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Student Health & Welfare Unit


Student Health & Welfare Unit address things such as health and wellness, student welfare, student representative council, career guidance and counseling, sports and clubs. Importantly, this section also focuses on the needs of students with disabilities.
Student Welfare

The Student Welfare office is responsible for the general welfare of all students at ABM. It works harmoniously with all departments especially the academic department to assist students to achieve their academic goals and to adjust to the culture of the university. Its main purpose it to ensure that our students experiences a conducive living and learning environment.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The SRC is a committee of student leaders elected by the students themselves. The SRC ensures that the student voice is heard when important decisions are made. Elections are held in the third week of September every year. The positions campaigned for are: the President, Vice President, Treasurer, general secretary, Minister of Sports, Minister of Education and Transformation, Minister of Community affairs and Development, Minister of Media and Publicity and two Additional members.


Our students have access to various counseling services inside and outside campus. These include student counselor, career development counselor, career counseling officers, TE AIDS Counselor and Peer Education counselors. All these Counselors are available at our campuses and the student counselor is available for service 24hours, students have to call for enquiries at +267 71438949.

Sports & Recreation

ABM University College is committed to providing sports of all kinds to students as one of the initiatives that promote leisure, health and recreation to students. The college has affiliated with sports bodies in Botswana such as BOTESSA and PTIA which annually hosts competitions of international standards for tertiary students.

Clubs on Campus

The SRC is home to over 20 clubs. There is no limit to the number of clubs a single student can join. Among the many benefits of joining SRC clubs are participating in entertaining events and programs; develop leadership skills, do community service and meeting and network with other students who share in their personal interests. Each of our clubs fall into one of the three different clubs councils: Academic, Entertainment, and Sports/Social clubs.