Abm | Business Development and Marketing Department
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Business Development and Marketing Department


The business development function at ABM University College is the pinnacle of the organization that is responsible for driving revenue generation initiatives that sustains the institution. Essentially, the department is the custodian of student recruitment, including managing the international recruitment portfolio. In addition the team is responsible for marketing activities, brand management, customer feedback, and development of all communication material going to the outside world.

Our target audience includes potential clients who have a desire to improve themselves through academic and professional development. In this regard, students doing Form 5 and those that have completed the same are part of the target audience. In addition to that, the target market incorporates those individuals who are already engaged as employees in industry and commerce, but would want to further their education in various academic and professional courses. Further to that, corporate clients also form part of the target market particularly in terms of offering short courses meant to improve competencies and skills on the part of those employees employed by these corporate clients.

The business development department is made up of a young and vibrant team that is talented and passionate in driving business development and marketing activities to the satisfaction of key stakeholders. The mandate of the team is to create peak experience to the target market by providing information that empowers potential clients to make wise choices in terms of career development. This they do by way of engaging prospects to understand who they are and what they aspire to be. Interaction between the business development team with their potential clients happen during career fairs that are hosted in various parts of the country as well as in international forums were the ABM University College staff participates.

Essentially the objective of the business development and marketing team is to assist potential clients in rediscovering their dreams and creating clear path in pursuant of their calling. Given the nature of their responsibilities in assisting potential clients to rediscover their talent and passion, there is need for the team to be endowed with multifaceted competencies including coaching, and counseling thus besides having selling and negotiating skills.

Our core services offer includes and not limited to the following:

  • Career guidance as well as reshaping, and redirecting career direction for potential clients
  • Offering short courses and corporate training
  • Mentoring services and provision of business advisory services
  • Assisting clients in company registrations and development of bankable business plans

Overall the department is the nerve centre of transforming data collected from the market into value adding strategies and improvement plans.