Abm | Admissions Unit
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Admissions Unit


The admissions unit is core to the recruitment, selection and retention of students into the college. This unit ensures that successful candidates are registered and confirmed as ABM University college students.

Prospective students can download and send in their enquiries, application forms to Admissions at the contact addresses provided on the website. While continuing students can login into the student portal to check their student mail. We ensure that admission of all learners is done under a conducive educational and working environment which provides equality of access, opportunity, and freedom from discrimination of all learners on the grounds of; race, colour, nationality, ethnic, origin, gender, marital status, disability, religious or political beliefs, age, social or economic background. All our processes are designed with the needs of the learner at the centre to ensure that we attract and retain our learners. We also build trust and confidence that goes beyond the school years through our robust alumni association.

Our policy is to admit all categories of students to academic programmes of study at ABM University College by ensuring equality of opportunity to all qualifying applicants. Admission to ABM University College is done entirely on merit and on the basis of ability or competency to achieve.